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Made to Measure blinds, curtains & shutters

Blinds block out unwanted light and keep your home private while also adding a touch of style at home. Available in a range of colours, materials and designs, all of our blinds are designed to provide stylish and practical solutions for your home.  

Measured, crafted and made just for you, Visit our showroom to available wide range of collection or book Free In-Home Consultations. 

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Blind Products

Roller Blinds

Price from £ 9.93 Buy Now

Vertical Blinds

Price from £ 18.78 Buy Now

Venetian Blinds

Price from £ 19.71 Buy Now

Wood Venetian Blinds

Price from £ 3.29 Buy Now

Day and Night Blinds

Price from £ 30.33 Buy Now

Blackout Roller Blinds

Price from £ 30.33 Buy Now

Perfect Roller Blinds

Price from £ 9.93 Buy Now

Motorized Blinds

Price from £ 30.33 Buy Now

Roman Blinds

Price from £ 30.33 Buy Now

Shutter Products

Full Height

Half Solid Raised

Tier on Tier

Full Solid Raised

Curtain Products

double pinch

double pinch buttoned

goblet buttoned

pencil pleat

triple pinch

triple pinch buttoned

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