Full Height

Full height shutters cover the entire window providing both privacy and elegance. They are perfect for almost any room and can be used to cover doors as well as windows. A lovely, practical and elegant window covering, full-height shutters let you control the light and warmth in any room, as well as adding soundproofing, security and privacy.

Half Solid Raised

Half Solid shutters are the best of both! Each panel has a solid raised lower portion with adjustable louvres above. These shutters are a great option for partially glazed doors.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier shutters cover the entire window and have independently opening top and bottom panels. This means you can have full and flexible control over light and privacy.

Full Solid Raised

Full Solid Raised Shutters are designed to cover the full window. Based on traditional Victorian window coverings, they bring near-blackout light reduction and a sophisticated sense of style